Spring 2016 Update


From 1st May 2016 Coventry Artspace will be re-named Coventry Artspace Partnerships. This is to signal our commitment to working in partnership with Coventry artists and organisations in all future projects. We would also like to invite up to three artists to join our Board of Trustees. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this opportunity.

Eaton House

The Artspace Office has now moved to 4th Floor, Eaton House, 1 Eaton Road, CV1 2FJ. At this venue we also have rooms available for artists and organisations. There are dry studio spaces available for rents starting at £30/month, a meeting room and a project space for hire. Currently we also have access to Floor 11 at Eaton House which offers further spaces for dry studios and events. Confirmed residents onFloor 4 include:

 Artspace staff: Mindy Chillery (Interim Director); Sheridan Henderson (Events and

Marketing Apprentice); Klaudia Lombara (Design Apprentice)

 Ryan Hughes – Office for Art, Design and Technology

 Dayo Adeyemi and Victor Ayorinde – Moods and Feelings Project

 Diana Oancea

We are very excited about the move to Eaton House and the new opportunities it offers. Do get in touch with us if you’d like to find out more.

16 Lower Holyhead Road

The Artspace building at Lower Holyhead Road has, over the years, offered a much valued community venue and badly needed artist studios with 24/7 access. Unfortunately, pressure on public finances has inevitably impacted on the core grant income Artspace will receive going forward and with rising costs we  are unable to maintain the building on the existing terms of the lease. However, despite the Council’s current financial challenges, we know they are keen to see the building remain in the cultural sector and if possible continue as a visual arts resource. Some of the studio holders are setting up their own company with the hope of taking over the lease and we understand they are in the process of developing a business plan to address the financial imperatives. In the meantime Artspace remains the leaseholder while plans for transition emerge. There are currently studio spaces available at Lower Holyhead Road for short-term rental. Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more about this.

Membership review

We are reviewing our membership offer to enhance and make clearer the benefits of being a member. To this end we have put up on the website new proposals for membership and we welcome any feedback on these. Hard copies of the proposals are also available.

Website and digital

A key priority for Coventry Artspace Partnerships will be to review our digital presence to ensure that we are able to make the most of opportunities to promote Coventry artists and arts events. We are currently applying for funding to do this. A key area of development will be the opportunity for member artists to promote themselves and their work through the website. We would also like to feature an ‘Artist in Focus’programme on the website. If you feel you would be interested in this opportunity, please do get in touch.

City Arcadia Gallery

Coventry Artspace Partnerships will continue to run the shop at 32 City Arcade as a much needed gallery space. To this end we would like to set up a steering group, with strong representation from artists, which will oversee the vision and programme for the gallery for 12 months. While this steering group is being formulated, the following events are proposed for the gallery…

 17th March 2016 – 10th April 2016 Scratch the Surface: EndllBegin (Collective//Pod)

 22nd April 2016 – Print Auction (Coventry University Photography Students)

 27th April – 30th April 2016 – Art sale / auction

 20th May – 4th June 2016 – exhibition of Spon Spun Festival Art Trail

 22nd June – 3rd July – City Arcadia Festival

We will be creating a brief for artists and curators who would be interested in joining the steering group so please look out for further communication about this opportunity soon…

Visualising the City: City Arcadia Project June 2016

The final phase of the Visualising the City: City Arcadia Project, will be presented in June in the City Arcadia Gallery. The exciting programme for this event will be released this week. It will include commissioned work from Amelia Crouch and Spencer Graham as well as local artists Rob Hamp and Lauren Heywood. The research and development work of seven artists will also be presented. It is intended that this work will form the basis of a bid for a further grant to bring funding for exciting high quality art into our city. For more information http://www.city-arcadia.co.uk




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