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Martin Green’s work is in a very special exhibition called Shed – Collect – Shed: Coventry’s Lost and Found at Coventry’s Herbert Museum and Art Gallery!
Saturday 16 August 2014 to Sunday 2 November 2014

shed (v.)  :to lose by natural process; to be rid of (something not wanted or needed)

collect (v.) :gather together to form a group, accumulate, assemble

:to regain control of

shed (n.) :a small structure serving for storage or shelter

         (v.) :to give or impart; radiate or send forth (light, fragrance, influence)

Shed – Collect – Shed: Coventry’s Lost and Found is a mixed media exhibition looking at the city of Coventry’s character through objects collected and displayed, set within a pop-up ‘shed’ known as the Coventry Centre for Contemporary Art.

Artist and Curator Lorsen Camps has worked with Martin Green and Joanna Rucklidge to explore the relationship between their own personal collections of found objects and the Herbert’s collections.  Lost or discarded artefacts ranging from remnants of toy figures to shoe heels, flattened drinks cans and hair clips are carefully ordered and given a new life and meaning.  Objects and art works are presented in ways that mix the museum aesthetic with a distinctively found flavour. Each piece bears traces of life and the lives that make up the city.

Intriguing and also mundane items are presented – inviting new interactions with found objects (both those within the museum and those discovered on the street) and calling into questions what is beautiful and/or valuable.

The exhibition features three newly commissioned works: Martin Green’s City Box, Joanna Rucklidge’s Going Round In Circles and Lorsen Camps & Martin Green’s Paradise Disregarded, Paradise Reclaimed.


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